Corporate Social Responsibility

23 January 2020 | 16:02 WIB

FIFGROUP realizes that the Company's growth can be achieved through support from various parties, particularly the Company’s personnel. Therefore, the Company is committed to providing significant benefit to the community’s life that is realized through Corporate Social Responsibility through FIFGROUP Peduli program.

Not only providing added-value to shareholders and stakeholders, this program also describes the Company’s commitment to maintaining its business. Commitment and consistency in implementing CSR program by prioritizing sustainability aspect for life was appreciated by Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Award (ICSRA), the highest appreciation given to a company in CSR in Indonesia, both in listed and private category.

FIFGROUP Peduli was given award from multifinance industry platinum category in the event. The winner in ICSRA 2018 was selected by independent juries that are competent in the field of CSR.

FIFGROUP Peduli was chosen as the winner because the Company managed to implement its CSR program properly and it has long-term benefit to beneficiary and public in general.

FIFGROUP Peduli has implemented CSR activity based on 4 pillars, namely education, health, environment, and community economy empowerment. In running the activities, FIFGROUP also cooperated with various elements of community. One of focuses of FIFGROUP was training for teachers in numerous areas in Indonesia. Moreover, FIFGROUP also encouraged the community to develop UMKM through training and revolving funds.

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