Let's Go Synergy

The launching of Mobil Sosial (Moli) and Bis Peduli Sosial (Bili) programs by PT. Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) are the realization of its social responsibility to the community which is its natural obligation and are fully supported by the top management. Moreover, the need of synergy and collaboration with various Education/Religious/ Social Institutions/Foundations/Institutions including the subsidiaries of Astra in the current and future social programs are felt more important than before. These social programs expressed in the provision of cars and buses for shuttle transportation services are aimed at providing transport service for any Education/Religious/ Social Institutions/Foundations/Institutions requiring vehicles to support their activities, and as media to synergize FIFGROUP activities with such Education/Religious/ Social Institutions/Foundations/Institutions, to support activities/programs performed under FIFGROUP Corporate Social Responsibility, FIFGROUP Co-Branding and as shuttle transport vehicles for employees at certain hours.



It was started with the launching of Moli on June 8, 2009 which was attended by a number of Education/Religious/ Social Institutions/Foundations/Institutions such as DPU Daarut Tauhid (DPU DT), Obor Berkat Indonesia (RZI), Al-Azhar Peduli Ummat, Yayasan Cahaya Guru, Komunitas Terminal, Kedai Daur Ulang, SMK 40 Jakarta, and our colleagues from Financial Services Astra inclusive of AAB, Komatsu, Astra Finance, Bank Permata, ESR Astra International and Public Relations Astra International, and this program attracted the interest of many parties expecting that their activities be synergized with Moli program. As was stated by various social institutions that have cooperated with FIFGROUP, Mrs. Esther, Education Manager of OBI said, "On Saturdays and Sundays, we organize art school in Ancol Art Academy and need this car." Meanwhile, Mrs. Dwi, Fund Raising General Manager from As-Azhar Peduli Ummat enthusiastically said, "On Tuesdays we usually conduct spiritual building activities delivered by our teachers to the prisoners and patients, and we usually build synergic cooperation with Mobil Peduli Social (Moli) of FIFGROUP." In addition, Mr. Soleh - Area Manager of Rumah Zakat Indonesia said, "I think it is very suitable for Orphan Champion Camp activity that we will be held in near future."



The sharing and synergy spirit under this concern pattern was so profound that it was soon gave birth to the launching Bili in December 2009. Unlike Moli that has a seat capacity of 14 persons at a maximum, sound system facility (DVD, MP3, Tape, Radio, Mic) and 2-tray baggage space, Bili is equipped with more exclusive facilities if we observe its exclusive-shape seats with a passenger capacity of 24 persons at a maximum, sound system facility, refrigerator and storage space, and an emergency door that takes into account the safety of passengers.

Moli cars and Bili buses can be borrowed by phone to 021 - 7698899 ext. 3141 with Meylinda Fatma W. or ext. 3143 with Iwan Yulianto or Hotline at 021 - 32700831, and must be supported with a stamped written borrowing request detailing the date of activity, destination, purposes of activity, contact person(s), passenger manifest, and profile of Foundation/Organization/Institution concerned addressed to Menara FIF Jl. Tb. Simatupang Kav. 15 Cilandak Barak Jakarta Selatan 12440 or fax to 021 - 75905599 or email to meylinda.fatma@fif.astra.co.id.

The borrowing application for Moli and Bili must be submitted much in advance due to their high borrowing rates, in which from January to August 2010, 70 borrowing applications were submitted for Bili that served > 1800 persons and 45 borrowing applications for Moli serving > 800 passengers.

In fact, our colleagues from Social Institutions usually submitted their requests a month earlier. However, there are some simple obligations that must be complied with by borrowers i.e. to always maintain these Social Bus/Car in clean and good conditions, and to furnish documentation on their uses of Social/Bus Car (photos in front of Car/Bus), and brief report of activity performed. No fee will be charged for the borrower.

For instance, World Wide Fund (WWF) - an international environmental organization - along with its ambassador Nadine Chandrawinata (former Miss Indonesia) has borrowed Bili and Moli for education and eco-tourism purposed in "Ujung Kulon" National Park for coral reef and Javanese rhinos conservation. There was also Yayasan Lembaga Daya Dharma of Jakarta Diocese that borrowed the vehicle during an entrepreneurship training for the deaf and retarded persons in Puncak Bogor. Maria Goretty, the Chairperson of BPPC LDD KAJ of the foundation expressed her gratitude and said, "May FIFGROUP PEDULI service broaden and reach more people in need." Equally interesting, Lembaga Unit Pengumpul Zakat who held futsal championship has borrowed Moli and Bili to transport the orphans and the poor from their institution to fultsal venue.

In addition, companies within Astra Group also utilized this social facility such as: Financial Service Astra for contest and exhibition invitation of Lemah Abang State Elementary School, Serang to Taman Mini Indonesia (Astra International event), LAZIS Astra for poor children/orphans who receive scholarship to visit Astra Mosque near ACC office, and ESR Astra International for Green School 05 - 06 State Elementary School, Sungai Bambu during student and teacher visits to Cibodas.